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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 10, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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to have the dog treats recalled by the fda. >> i want people not to fwhi product until it's proven safe, and two, i want a recall issued by dell monty and pure rena -- purina. >> dell monty owns mileo's chicken dog treats. she lost her dog in late may, she says after giving her the treats two. dogs also got sick. dell monty continues to say the fda and other organizations have performed a number of tests and found no connection. as for petition in, less than 24 hours, more than 100 people in 23 states and eight countries have signed it. marta also from morgan hill is one of them and refuses to buy them. >> and i returned mine. i told them that there was a
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reason i returned them. i was afraid. >> this. >> there are so many complaints in november, it put out an advisory. and caused them to leak electrolytes out of the body. >> we don't want to seem like we're hiding anything. everything is on the table. >> a dog owner gathered 65,000 signatures asking the fda to recall the treats that. prompted the senator to take up the cause. he issued this statement. fda must be aggressive to find the source of this contamination. >> i can help save other dogs just by bringing awareness. >> and there is the result of a second toxicology report on callie. the results expected thursday
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or friday and hopefully will shed light on what is going on here. >> in east oakland police are trying to figure out if a body nound a car is connected two to shootings. a girl and a man shot around 11:30 this morning. sky 7 is showing a dozen yellow evidence markers on the ground. injuries are not life threatening. police say the suspected gunman is in custody. they found anymore a car a few blocks away. less than half an hour later the other man was discovered in the back seat of a car parked at 580. police believe the man may have been shot and then driven to the intersection of mountain boulevard and his identity as not yet been released. >> quick thinking helped a 12-year-old girl stay safe
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after burglars broke into her house, this burglary happened around 3:00 in the afternoon in fremont. abc 7 news spoke with the family. the girl's father asked us not to reveal her identity to keep her safe. >> this family was going about business. dad left to take his daughter to school. the 12-year-old stayed home. within minutes people were banging on the door. >> the phone was unfortunately on my desk. i grabbed it and rushed to the closet. and i called my mom asking her what to do. she said call 911 as fast as possible. >> minutes later burglars were in the house. >> one of them said nice, really loudly. they found what they're looking for. one of them came into my room. and i got so scared. and then... he opened one of my drawers and left. i have a feeling they heard me
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whispering what, because i told the person on the phone i can see him in my room. i was scared. because... yeah. i didn't know what they're going to do to me. >> they took computers and a black berry. a major blow to dad's job but not as important as the family. >> i'm so glad she's safe. and i can't imagine what else might have happened. by the grace of god she's safe. she was brave enough to call the police. >> as they recuperate they agreed they've learned an important lesson about neighbors. >> if we get in trouble, i mean, immediately, we can call them if our parents aren't home or anything. >> and that is the lesson. and other neighbors are still uneasy as the suspects are still on the lose described only as a man and a woman about 19 years old.
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>> and that is scary its been a warm day in the bay area. there is triple digit temperatures inland. >> steamy in spots. >> and there is a look at today's highs. >> and it has been sizzling inland. take a look at highs so far. 100 degrees in livermore. and there is 98 in fairfield. santa rosa, 94 degrees up to 87 in san jose. 72 in oakland. you can see the only place to escape the heat. highs so far 66 where fog is sitting. there is half moon bay, 58 degrees, highs so far. if you think that this is hot, just wait until tomorrow. it is a spare the air day. back with details in just a few minute autos and a house in martinez came to be known as christmas house burned for
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the second time in six months. people used to come from miles around to see the light displays during the holidays. only good news is that no one was hurt. abc 7 news has the latest on this investigation. >> firefighters say it's rare for fire to strike twice. and this is the second time the house caught fire, the owner says she couldn't believe it around 4:00 this morning. >> this is worse because neighbors have gone to the house. >> al got out okay but is feeling shaky this, is the second time to wake up to fire next door. last time was in january. >> i heard this popping sound, then, i woke up and it went to my room. and i looked out of the window. there are more flames this time, than last time. >> no one was living at the home this time. it was scheduled to be
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demolished so yesterday a crew was here to take out the gas meter. sharon can't help but feel sus spishus. >> i don't know. this is pg&e takes the meter off. >> the fire fighters say they don't think pg&e was the problem. >> time between they lasted between when the fire was was a long time. >> they're focusing on what neighbors have told them. >> there are reports of trespassers on the property. we're looking into the possibility that they may have had something to do with the fire occurring here this morning. >> and it was known as the christmas house because of the lavish decoration autos people come by every year to see the christmas house. it's just extravagant. everybody knows it's beautiful. >> and there are firefighters
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tooking to see what they could have done to maybe have started this fire. they say this structure isn't sound or safe for them in there, just yet. >> investigators looking into the caution of a fire that gutted a house under renovation. abc 7 news was the first on the scene this morning after the fire broke out at 2:is a, flames engulfed the roof and spread to the attic, there is no one inside. >> a medical examiner determined an enlarged heart caused a basketball player to collapse and die yesterday. police say he suddenly fell to the ground and hit his head on the concrete. the westchester county medical examiner says the 35-year-old suffered a fractured skull. he was team captain on the
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team in 1998. >> the trustees of the city college are meeting in just minutes to consider their options. the college has less than a year to show why it should stay in business. acrediting commission could vote as soon as next june to take away certification. her review says the college has longstanding leadership problems and failed to tackle the question of reduced funding. if the school lose as cred daigs it would not be eligible for public funding. >> still ahead at 4:00, $100 for over the counter headache pills? what is behind the black market. >> and there is a sweet deal, sugar may soon be used to power some of your gadget autos taking a look at the san francisco skyway right now, you can see traffic moving quite slowly for drivers trying to make their way
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this afternoon a study fibdz sitting for long periods of time is as bad for your health as smoking and obesity. research heers say cutting down on the amount of time we spend sitting to less than three hours per day might extend our lives up to two more years. americans spend up to 55% of their time inactive. they suggest cutting tv viewing to less than two hours per day. if you have a desk job they say walking during lunch is a good plan and avoid e mailing colleagues in the same building.
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walk over and talk to them. >> we've heard about benefits for breast feeding for babies but there is research for benefits for mothers as well and found post menopausal women had a lower body mass index than those who did not breast feed. and two major health organizations are issuing advisories both american heart association and american diabetes association say replacing sugar with artificial sweetener doesn't always help in losing weight over the long run because many people who use these sweeteners tend to overcompensate by indulging in other foods high in calories. >> and the recall of all products excedrin is creating a huge black market. bottles are selling for hundreds of dollars on ebay. they were pulled in january
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after manufacture learned some might have been contaminated with stray tablets from other medications. experts say relief can be found with generic versions of the drug. >> if there is the same ingredients, it should work just as well. >> and a statement the parent company says that it expects to get some products back on shelves later this year. >> and you know a lot of what people know about hospitals comes from tv dramas like "grey's anatomy". now, abc news is offering a look at what it's like inside new york's presbyterian hospital. it follows patients and nurses into the e.r.and operating room. you're going to see a different side of dr. oz, who still performs heart surgery. he hopes the glimpse will help patients better relate with doctor autos what you're going to witness gurure going behind
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the curtain is how we do this as a team. we pull together in darkest moments. it's just our ability to come together to form a social web. doctors nurses and trying to take care of sick people. and ability of the folks that fit into the background. and they capture moments when real live occurs. that is what this is all about. >> intense. new york med preem years tonight on abc 7 at 5:00. >> now, sugar may soon be used to power your smart phone but rim ceo faces angry investors at the shareholder meeting. >> research in motion sfok did fall again, today. the meeting ceo's grilled by shareholders and they've seen
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stock losing about 95% of the market value since peaking in 2008. told investors the team is working to fix the company and there are a few quarters. and consumers have been choosing iphones and other devices and plans to release the first of the smart phones in january after delaying it, twice. and google is apparently ready to settle claims that it violated privacy. the fine would be the largest ever by the ftc. google removed the software and says it didn't collect personal information. >> there is simple path tied
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to the gathering of media and tech moguls. and we give a sneak peek at people and deals we can be talking about this year. >> this year, founder of the is expected. and there is a music service with a possibility deals won't happen. last year one of the hottest topics is the sale of hulu with google, yahoo and microsoft seemed like a done deal but owners decided against it. and there is still in sun valley, titans like to talk. when they do, anything can happen. >> the annual retreat in sun valley being held this week. stocks fell on concerns about a disappointing earnings
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season and dropped for a fourth straight day. the longest slump since may. your silicon valley index closed lower on losses for apple and intel. anyone who watched how energetic kids get after eating sweet treats get knows how much energy sugar can produce, now, it may be able to power your cell phone and other gadgets. and there is a development of a bio cell battery that runs on shug yaf. some say medical devices may be able to run on the sugar in your own blood. dan, back to you. >> see you tomorrow. >> it's beautiful outside and it's getting hot. >> and there is sandhya patel. >> temperatures well above normal. they're not record setting yet. we're talking about the heat. it's understandable why.
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there is a look from our camera in high definition, you can see it's not sweltering at the coastline. towards san francisco, we can have fog out there. there is a shallow layer and there is still hugging parts of the coastline this afternoon. and inland areas 100 degrees right now and is comfortable weather, hotter inland and it's a third spare the air of the summer for wednesday afternoon. there is a hot air mass, wednesday, thursday, hot days inland. numbers start to back off on
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thursday, the marine layer starts to deepen. tomorrow morning the fog is just confined to the coast. and temperatures into low to upper 50s and mild in our inland east bay. low to mid-60s in the south bay and there is go gs to be comfortable. it's a spare the air there is modit air quality south bay and north bay. and there is good air quality expected on the coast. 93 degrees in san jose tomorrow. there is 96 in los gatos, campbell, 94 degrees. there is 79 in millbrae. coastal areas mid-60s so fog going to hang on to parts of the coastline. downtown san francisco up to 7. up into north bay there is a
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full range of summer time micro climates. there is 93 in santa rosa. 87 in castro valley. inland east bay, 103 in brentwood. 101 in livermore, fairfield up to 100. there is 66 in carmel. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a 60s at the coast. thursday, the coast and bay, numbers dropping off inland on friday. and there is by weekend we're going low 60s coast side. and we'll hold it into that range, similar range monday and tuesday so there is relief coming up. and not for a couple day autos right now we're following
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breaking news out of the mission district. a man has been shot. sky 7 is live over the scene for us. this is 24th and folsom street. >> there is where you're looking live. he's been treated at the hospital. circumstances surrounding this shooting are under investigation. you can see police there that are looking for evidence and trying to determine what happened there. >> and you can r.coming up next, justin beiber's 911 call he says he was forced to drive recklessly on a fray. >> -- freeway. >> what is inspiring run dmc to reunite for a first concert in 10 year autos coming up there is a big honor for a
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looks like it's time to break out your adidas and gold chains after 10 year, the surviving members of run dmc are reuniting. and they retired the group after the founding member was shot and killed back in 00 to. now, they will play the fun, fun, fun fest in austin, texas, did i mention it's fun? it's partly a way to mark the 10 year anniversary of their friend's death. proceeds will be donated to charity. >> we have the latest on a michael jackson documentary. but first what we're learning from 911 calls about justin
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beiber's speeding ticket. >> friday, justin beiber was pulled over for driving recklessly on the frae. he called reporting he had five cars following them saying the driver woz not stop following him. he tried defending himself saying he was only driving that fast because he was trying to get away from them. it's been 25 years since michael jackson released the album "bad" now it's been rereleased with additional tracks and fans will learn more later this year when director spike lee releases a documentary about it. lee says there will be footage no one has ever seen. and fans of the popular 50s "50 shades of gray" will soon get to see it on the big
4:27 pm
screen. there is no word when the first one will be released. for more celebrity news go to >> and still to come at 4:00 race for the white house is closer thafr n. both using jobs to try to get ahead. >> and some people can't afford a lot of space or they don't need a lot of space. >> and there is super tiny san francisco apartments. and later... >> i just thought it was over, but it did not. >> this class was too zen for facebook. her story, asdwf'$'@
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♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain,
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multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. looking good never tasted so good. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios good afternoon a new abc news poll shows presidential race remains a dead heat. >> the poll of about a thousand red shirt voters shows the president and mitt romney tied basically the same as the poll in may. >> both pushed their economic plans on the campaign trail. president accused romney of shipping jobs overseas. republicans defended his race.
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>> as long as i'm president i'll keep fighting to make sure jobs are located here in the united states of america. >> if there is an outsourcer in chief it's the president of the united states not the guy running to replace him. >> the poll says 63% believe the country is heading in the wrong direction and 58% expect him to win a second term. >> more politics they're doing it again. the house debating affordable health care act in preparation for tomorrow's vote for repeal. >> now, today's committee hearing. >> there is republican majority in the house is playing it again. >> the house began by swearing in a panel of witness who's were all, except for one, opposed to the affordable health care act. >> is there anything occurring that made health care less expensive for our witnesses? answer is yes.
4:32 pm
their record will indicate our witnesses found it to be a no. you can can answer when called on. >> there was a one sided affair. the ranking democrat did get in this observation. >> the majority did not invite a single doctor our patient from massachusetts to share their experiences. >> that dig aimed at mitt romney's massachusetts health care reform, which is pope lar with massachusetts voters. and according to a blue cross blue shield survey, 88% of the physicians believe the health care reform either improved or did not expect the quality of care. abc 7 news's bruce cane believes they called this hearing in part out of frustration. >> and what i think is particularly frustrating in the republicans is that there is a presidential nominee who isn't likely to bring this up
4:33 pm
on his own. >> saying romney aez records raises too many questions for the republican candidate. the conservative base was fired up over the act two yearsing ao but in 2012 it's going to take a back seat to the economy. today's hearing north bay congressman mike thompson called on congress to move on. >> and i think everybody will admit it's a work in progress. we ought to get on with doing that part of it rather than having this pick it apart section. >> and we're going to fact check some of what is being said. >> no kidding. >> economists looking for something positive say hiring will pick up incoming months and point to a report indicating job openings continue to climb. several companies looking to grow their work force
4:34 pm
participated in the job journal hire event in san francisco. companies including sutter health and federal reserve and national guard were there taking applications and the san francisco police department is looking to hire officer autos we're going to put three classes of 50 through everything. >> and abc 7 hiring at the event. you can check out our available jobs on abc 7 >> still to come and the attack and a florida teen living to tell his story of survival and coming up the struggle to escape. >> and temperatures soar around the country, we're about to feel the heat in a different way. how much more you'll start paying for food. >> and speaking of feeling the heat we've gotten up to triple
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here is a look at what is trending on google. first frank osha's new album was released last night. hope solo is also receiving a warning from the u.s. antidoping agency after she tested positive for a banned
4:38 pm
substance, a lot of people want to know more about the island for last night's episode of the "bachelorette". >> and and the record heat across the mid west and east coast is driving up produce prices in a big way. hot conditions following dry winters and they're stunting the growing season for corn. >> and that means the cost of food will follow small growers are tealing affects, too. >> greens are struggling. we lost those early in the season. and our cucumbers are a loss. >> the storms did offer a respite from high temperatures but summer is just beginning and corn crops have not been in such bad shape since 1988.
4:39 pm
>> it's bad and n.lots of parts of the country. there is sandhya pat rel back to update the forecast. >> i want to show you a graphic of what is going to happen around the country. there is some thunderstorms to continue, mid to upper 80s and it's going to get steamy. as a matter of fact there is excessive heat warnings for southern california deserts and there is a tomorrow afternoon, you can see there is an excessive heat warning. 116 in palm springs. 113 degrees in las vegas. there is 11 owe in res know. so this is a state wide heat event. not just here in the bay area, triple digits continue for wednesday afternoon. there is 65 in half moon bay.
4:40 pm
72 degrees in san francisco. there are patches of fog lingering into afternoon. and we may see high clouds drifting our way for your wednesday and thursday afternoons. so there is another hot day. >> and this is coming. >> yes. >> and a teen lost his arm but lived to tell the tail of how he escaped jaws of an 11 foot alligator. he says he tried to keep it from biting him but it got a a.hold of his arm. he said he had to make a choice he started pulling me down. i knew it's either this arm or i'm going to die.
4:41 pm
so i took my feet and put it on his mouth i tried to jerk my arm off trying to break it free. it broke free. i started to swim back. >> and they used spider webs to help close the wound. officials say this is gator mating season and attacks are not uncommon. his friends say despite this, the attacks will likely not stop them from returning to the river. >> how torible. still ahead, why target is teeming up with neiman marcus. >> and a san francisco considers okaying very tiny apartments what you can do with 150 square feet of living space. >> don't go near the water. at least not with your ipad. summer time's words to live by. but what about those cases that claim to water proof your stuff? i'm michael finney ask i'll show you if that new gear
4:42 pm
works. that is straight ahead. >> stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues
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don't wait. call now. anyone who looked at apartment prices knows this space is at a premium. there is a proposal to allow people to live in apartments with a basic living area not much bigger than a parking space. abc 7 news is live with details for us. >> this is not only in san
4:45 pm
francisco kind of thing. san jose has a law on the books. yesterday, new york mayor proposed something similar to this. and san francisco lawmakers are debating this idea. >> this is cozy. >> and tiny. very tiny. 160 square feet. he thinks it's the kind of small apartment needed in san francisco. >> this single people that are now coming to the city often ban together and bid up the price of single family hopes and apartments. i think if the city makes a focus to build housing for these people they'll take pressure off existing housing stock in other neighborhoods he thinks this intais would be perfect for young techyes or senior citizens and supervisor scott weiner agrees and has introduced legislation allowing developers to build units with 150 square feet of space.
4:46 pm
basically the size of this micro apartment. but weiner's measure requires a kitchen, bathroom and closet for i total of 220 square feet. >> we need large family-sized housing. but we also need smaller housing there. there is almost 40% of the population in san francisco that is alone so. some people can't afford a lot of space or they don't need a lot of space. and this will give more flexibility to produce that husbanding. >> if they approve it, san francisco is simply adjusting codes to meet state standards, that already allow such small living quarters. this supervisor amendmented his legislation to cover only new construction. because of concerns land lords might try to chop up units to make a series of many. and kennedy is ready to start building and making every square inch of space do double
4:47 pm
duty. >> this can also be converted to a bench and from a bench it can be turned into a bed. coming up tonight at 6:00 i will tell you what one of the largest nonprofit jerls of housing for the city's low-income thinks of this proposal. live in san francisco city haushlgs abc 7 news. >> and now, a lot of people ever now planning to save money. abc 7 will show us some secrets and miniature new york city apartments. that is ahead on abc's world news at 5:30. >> and target and neiman marcus teeming up to offer a limited collection of fashion. mer than 50 products from two dozen designers will be available in both stores and their web site starting and most will sell for less than
4:48 pm
$60 but the lowest is under $8. you might remember target teamed up with missoni that caused a buying frenzy causing the web site to crash. big delays in online purchases and back orders. >> i remember that. and here is some plans being including being out in the elements you might want to consider protection. >> don't let them drown. there is some travel gear protection. >> absolutely. there are lots of summer hot spots. they're far from desperately. consumer reports just checked out bags designed to keep you connected and protested. summer means spending time at the beach or pool. and you want to take your tech gear where you go. right? so what happens when your pricey piece ends up in the drink? you can buy bags to protect
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your stuff from the almosts. and first is dropping each into the wash. >> we didn't want to risk the electronics devices so we used objects similar in size and weight like paper back books and post it notes. >> and next challenge? sand. you know how that gets everywhere. this time, the cases are dropped in sand, and partially covered. the bags got the job done here, too. best of the bench? the dry case bag. they provided most secure fit. you'll pay $38 for the large one. >> there is a regular bag with a top. >> turns out they one skip bags protected fine against water. >> and did a fine job with the
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sand. just 10 cents per bag, you'll have more money to spend on the sun screen. >> consumer reports says that the bag should work well for trips to the beach or afternoons but for more extreme outburst situations it's probably worth getting one of the bags designed to protect your electronics. they're thicker. >> yeah. and i want to save reading for after kayaking. >> yeah. right. >> and thank you. >> and still head tonight on abc 7 news at 4:00 cookie monster considers sharing a treat. maybe. it's a viral video getting a lot of buzz today. >> and coming up yoga teacher fired for making sure her classes at facebook where no cell phone zone autos a principal in hot water for a serious issue involving a teacher police say she failed to report. that is coming up at 5:00.
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every swun getting in on the parody action. this time, it's cookie monster. the folks created a music video. it's inspiring the hofts of the new show good afternoon, america to share cookies. this has people talking about hot trends and topics. >> you guys lead a daily panel talking about interesting topics today. and this is whether to decide to get in the bear. >> i think not. what we do is take stories in the news happening that people are talking about. and we get in some expert folks. some funny, some smart. all have something to share with our viewers. >> so from hottest headlines to latest viral videos you'll
4:55 pm
get it all here on abc 7 and there is a woman who taught yoga in menlo park has been fired because she refused to let her students check their cell phones during class. >> and for it's part a company spokesperson says that alice vanness was not a facebook employee and just doesn't comment on management decisions made by third party vendors. and she says is he was fired from her job because she enforced a no cell phone policy in classes and says last month after reminding everybody to put phones aside, employees started texting
4:56 pm
during an important demonstration. >> this wasn't someone sick or its just facebook. you know? not the government. this is not an emergency room, just facebook. i think it could have probably waited. >> vanness she gave the employee a stern look and the facebook employee complained saying she felt humiliated. the letter implied vanness was too strict with the rules on campuses and offering employee fitness opportunities. the letter reads in part we're in the business of providing great customer service and unless a client requires to us say no, we prepare to say yes when possible. we'll have more on what happened and why vanness sthez is getting a lot of comments on social media.
4:57 pm
>> and one person wrote i'm the mom of a 6-year-old with her dad half the time. tell me i can't check my phone periodically and i'll tell you where to shove your yoga mat. one person wrote it's just rude. if you can't quiet your mind for 90 minutes what are you doing at yoga? and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00 we want to remind you about our new alarm clock app for the iphone, you can down load it for free and receive news, headline the moment you wake up. and now, abc 7 news at 5:00. >> thank you, charges tonight a principal kept al investigations against a teacher quiet and more children were molested. >> and plus, who sang for the nasty skid marks on this commercial shoot race to san francisco? >> there are hotter conditions
4:58 pm
expected inlnld. i'll have temperatures coming up. good evening, i'm cheryl jeng autos i'm dan ashley. a school principal is criminally charged tonight for not calling authorities about a possible case of child sex abuse. >> this is a shocking twist and a heart breaking story. parents of an 8-year-old girl went to the principal to report what they expected was sexual molestation by law, the principal is required to report it to cps or the district attorney by not doing so, critical evidence against the teacher may have been destroyed. david? >> as indicated an 8-year-old girl's parents did go to the principal expecting there may have been inappropriate conduct between a teacher and their daughter. by law, the teacher is required to turn this
4:59 pm
information over to the district attorney office or to the child protective services and in the process may have caused evidence to be destroyed. >> this is just inconceiveable to me an act of child abuse is being reported to her. >> it happened last october in a class taught by craig chandler. he was arrested in january after another victim's family reported to it police. since then, a total of five families have stepped forward claiming their daughters have been pollested. the -- molested. the principal apparently dismissed the complaint. the prosecuter says the principal may have let a key piece of evidence be destroyed. >> he was provided with a jacket the child was wearing during the alleged incident that had a sus spishus stain on it that was allegedly douring the incident and the


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